a Csecsemők és az Eltérő Fejlődésű Gyermekek
Fejlesztését és Gyógyítását Támogató Alapítvány


"Unfolding" Mental Hygiene Service Group
"Kincs-Ő" Foundation Supporting the Medical Care and Mental Improvement
of Neonates and Children with Development Disorders


Diagnostic examinations:
  • medical-neurology examination
  • movement, speech, lingual development examination
  • establishing development profile of new born
  • psycho diagnostics
  • gyogypedagogia
  • logopedy, lingual ability development
  • movement developing exercises
  • psycho motor development for new born and older children
  • sensory integration therapy
  • play and communication therapies
  • psycho therapy
  • medical consulting
  • therapies for partial ability disorders
  • treatment or psycho somatic problems (headache, sleeping, eating, behaviour)
  • art therapy

The objectives of the Foundation

Heath care and prevention, medical rehabilitation: therapy of children with mental development disorders based on individually planned and customised programs, featuring complex psychological and pedagogical care, and therapeutic services.

Social activities: provide support and consulting for families of children with development disorders.

Research and scientific activities: organising and conduct of research related to mental development retardation and brain function disorders, and the associated neurology, neuro-psychology and mental, social problems.

Education, tuition: surveying the mental development levels of children, pedagogical and psychological consulting, individual and group mental development. Providing training for nursery school and kindergarten pedagogues. Presenting the new research and development results and professional meetings, conferences.

The Foundation works as a non-profit public service organisation.